Why VersaSpa®?

  • Fast and easy - Our voice automated system guides you through the treatment application in just minutes.
  • Open air design – Leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire process.
  • Targeted area application - Full body, face only or legs only treatments.
  • Total customization – Offers multiple treatment options in a single session.
  • Comfort-dry application – Full blow dry treatment after each session with no toweling off. Exit ready to re-dress.
  • Body warming – Infrared heat provides a warm pleasurable environment.

24-48 hours prior to session

  • Exfoliate – Exfoliating cannot be over stressed. Exfoliating removes dry dead skin cells, which will allow for a longer lasting tan.
  • Shave – Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to your session.
  • Avoid - Avoid products that can neutralize the sunless bronzing formula’s reaction within the skin. Such as bar soaps, high ph shower products or in-shower moisturizers

Day of your session

  • Barriers – Do not create sunless barriers. You do not want to apply anything to your skin that may act as a barrier between the sunless bronzing formula and your skin. Deep penetration is the key to beautiful lasting color. Do not apply lotions, creams or perfumes prior to your session. Use deodorant sparingly.
  • Clothing - Wear loose fitting dark colored clothing. Tight fitting clothes can rub or smear the sunless bronzing formula, especially around the knees, elbows and waist.

Immediately prior to your session

  • Prepare – Remove jewelry and makeup. Undress. Put the hair cap over your hair leaving your ears and hairline exposed. Apply barrier cream to your hands concentrating on the areas between your fingers, your fingernails and the palms. Also apply to your feet making sure to get in between the toes, the toenails, around the sole of the feet and the ankles.

After session care

  • Relax - Do not shower or exercise for at least 4 hours to allow the sunless bronzing formula to react with the amino acids and proteins in your skin. If you shower earlier you may diminish the intensity of the tan.  If you have chosen to use the tinted solution the initial tan created by the water soluble bronzers will wash off, but the dha will remain and create a long term tan.


VersaSpa FAQ’s

  1. What’s in the sunless bronzing formula that makes me tan?
  2. Can I swim, shower and workout with my sunless tan?
  3. Will the bronzing formula stain my clothes?
  4. How long does the tan last?
  5. Is there anything I can do to improve my results and extend the life of my tan?